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Error Code - 6472 - Endless loop between capacitor online and offline tests


Error No.ExplanationCorrective measures
6472Inverter detected an endless loop between capacitor online and offline tests
  • Check capacitors
  • Verify AC CT alignment
  • Change parameter CapTstEna

Inverter detected an endless loop between capacitor online and offline tests

SMA never completed the algorithms and release for the "FULL" - "online" - capacitor test. This function will cause nuisance alarms. Therefore the parameter CapTstEna should be either set to "OFF" or "LIGHT." It is not clear whether or not this fuction was completed for the final version of the inverter in firmware 14.

If this alarm appears, we recommend checking the capacitors are functioning properly. Once verified, the parameter CapTstEna should be changed to "LIGHT" or turned "OFF."

Capacitors can be removed and individually tested phase to phase. Be sure to calculate based on the capacitor rating which is posted on the sticker. Example calculation on a 100µF capacitor:

Example calculation

You should measure 150 µF between each of the phases.

Logic: Cap A + Caps A+B

Example test point visual to show the series/parallel relationship

If the capacitors are verified to be intact without issues, you can consider disabling the parameter CapTstEna by setting it to "OFF" temporarily. This test should ONLY be set to "LIGHT". SoS is not aware of SMA ever completing the functionality of the "FULL" test. This parameter is completely option and operators may set it to their preference. Be sure to check the electrical integrity and perform a visual inspection.

Location of capacitors, label, and example of how to connect leads for testing capacitance
Photo describing some things to check for during a visual inspection

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