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Error Code - 203 - Grid Voltage is too high.


Error No.
Corrective measures
Line voltage is too high.
Overvoltage detected by standard monitoring.
  • Check the line voltage
  • Check the grid connections
  • Check stability of the utility grid.
  • Make sure the external fuses function properly.
  • Make sure the AC cable connections are securely connected.

Solar Support ( Recommended Troubleshooting Procedure)  - 
When troubleshooting an OV-G error we always recommend measuring AC voltage both at the inverter and at the AC disconnect. If the AC disconnect reads higher than nominal (240 or 208 VAC) then the issue is most likely with the Utility voltage. Furthermore, checking the AC side connections for any plausible failed connector will need to be done next.

Once the connection check has been done please verify that any external fuse or breaker is in operable condition while the inverter is running. If you find a fuse or breaker has been tripped, or continuously trips then please replace the breaker/fuse.
Once the breaker or fuse has been replaced then proceed to verify the grid standard for the inverter. If the country code or grid standard is set incorrectly this can trigger either or both OV-G or UN-G faults. To find your grid standard for your area please refer to your utility standardized voltage requirements. You can also refer to your inverter manual for instruction on how to set the nominal grid standard.

If the error code still persists after changing the grid standard and checking all connections then you will need to verify the AC measurement device within the inverter. This proceed includes comparing the voltage readings from the inverter LCD screen to the voltage measurement device of your choice. First land your leads/clamp from your meter to the L1 and L2 portions of your AC terminal block to measure the L1-L2 voltage. This should read 208/240 VAC depending on your AC voltage input. If the voltage reads nominal then compare to the inverter LCD screen AC measurement. The two devices should hold the same voltage reading (+ or - 1 to 3v AC). If the difference is between 5 or more volts from the inverter LCD screen then you will need to contact the inverter manufacturer for further instruction or possible RMA.

- Thomas Garcia
Technical Admin and Service Technician for Solar Support.

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