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Provisioning / Updating SC20CONT Firmware - SMA CP

Loading SC20Cont Firmware:

    1. Format the SD card so that it is blank.

    2. Power cycle the inverter and ensure the key is in stop.

    3. Copy and paste JUST the FW file (not folder) onto SD Card. It should simply be only the UPDATE.BIN file on the SD card

    4. Install SD card while inverter control power is on, key in stop.

    5. Inverter will load FW, cycle after 3-5 minutes, and fans will run a test.

    6. Remove SD card, format it and ensure it is blank.

    7. Reinstall and power cycle inverter.

    8. Make sure the firmware properly updated by checking in the event files on the SD card or through the spot values. 

        a. Or check the spot values by logging in ( with the standard installer "SMA" password

        b. Click the serial number of the inverter

        c. Select the "Spot Values" tab

        d. Search for "Firmware"

        e. Make sure the first "Firmware" version has updated to 1.8xxxxx (Assuming FW 12 is used)

    9. If this does not work, power cycle the inverter and repeat.

    10. If it still does not work, see the alternatives below.

Troubleshooting & alternatives:

    □ Sometimes the firmware will not load, you can install the SD card with file while the inverter is powered down, then turn on control power. 

    □ Inside the SD card hatch, there is a small white button. If you install the SD card with the firmware and hold the button down for 30s or so, a relay will click, inverter will reboot and load firmware.

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