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Loss of Power (No Display)

Buffer Module Troubleshooting:


1. Begin with a quick visual inspection for lights on the SC20Cont, T20 Buffer Module, and T10 24Vdc Power supply. Plan your troubleshooting around which lights are present and which aren’t.

2. No lights on the SC20Cont

    a. If there are lights on the T20 buffer module, troubleshoot connections and 24Vdc supply to the SC20Cont and replace the board if necessary.

    b. We recommend disconnecting all SC20Cont connections EXCEPT the 24Vdc inputs at X1 and X2 on the SC20Cont. This will help ensure that nothing else is shorting the SC20Cont. 

3. No lights on the T20 Buffer Module

    a. If there are lights on the T10 24Vdc power supply, troubleshoot connections in between it and the T20 Buffer Module.

    b. Measure the 24Vdc input and the 24Vdc output of the T20 Buffer Module to determine if it has failed and replace if necessary.

4. No lights on the T10 24Vdc Power Supply

    a. Measure the 230Vac phase to neutral input at the bottom and the 24Vdc output at the top to determine if it has failed; replace if necessary.

    b. If the 230Vac input is not present, troubleshoot the connections and supply for auxiliary power.





Fig 1. 24Vdc supplies to the SC20Cont at X1 and X2

Fig 2. Schematic look at the T10 and T20 inputs and outputs

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