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Provisioning / Updating SC20CONT - Serial Number Redetect 7600 Fault


These are the steps to detect a newly installed SC20Cont or to change the serial number on your device. Ensure the inverter is in stop or remotely set it to stop using the "SpntRemEna" parameter to "Stop".

Before beginning, it is always important to compare all parameters to your expected settings for your project - sometimes this can be achieved by comparing to another operating inverter. However, whenever a control board is replaced, you should at least confirm these parameters to eliminate common faults that appear after replacement:

1. CntrySet - to your desired country

2. IsoMod - set appropriately for your project

3. ExlTrfErrEna - If enabled, refer to manuals to ensure the proper signals are received by the inverter

4. TypeStk - Ensure this is set to the type of stack your inverter is using. CP-10's typically use Semikron, CP-USs can use Semikron or SMA.

Begin by logging into the inverter


Check to see if you have communications with the board. You should see a green check mark next to the inverter. If you see a grey field with three dots, this means that the board needs to be detected.

Example with a grey "..." no communications with the control board

Example with a green "check" indicating communications are valid with the control board

Click on the service tab in the top left-hand corner. Use the second button down to "Delete" the "Unit descriptions."

Navigate to the "Data" tab and then "Detection" tab. Click "Start detection" on whichever communications port you need to detect. In most cases it will be COM3.

The inverter will work through detecting the new board or the new serial number.

Now you can navigate back to "Data" and click on the serial number with the green check next to it. Select the parameter tab and now you can change the "Serial Number" parameter to the correct serial number.

Afterwards, it's always best to power cycle the inverter. You can simply use the "PwrSupRs" parameter.

Once the inverter comes back online, begin at the beginning again. Delete unit descriptions, redetect, and the inverter should update with the new serial number.

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