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MMTCON Resetting Fault


MMTCON Isolation: 

  1. Begin by removing all connections – except for the application coding plugs – from the MMTCON except for the A1-X70 and A1-X1 24Vdc power supplies to the MMTCON. 
    1. Observe the behavior of the board to see if the cycling continues. It may be necessary to submit additional data or check the SD card data to see if the cycling is still occurring. 
    2. If the cycling continues, then the fault is likely internal to the board.
  2. Next, begin reconnecting connections one at a time evaluating whether the behavior returns. Give particular attention to the stacks at X42, X43, X44, the AC Contactor and the DC Contactors at X5; this is a common point of failure. 
  3. Troubleshoot the circuit which causes the board to begin resetting again. 

Fig 1. These connections should not be removed so that the board retains power and identification

Fig 2. AC contactor 230Vac supply is another common cause for this failure

Fig 3. Example of one root cause that was discovered creating this fault

Provisioning the MMTCON: 

  1. Steps for provisioning an MMTCON can be found HERE. Connections which should not be removed AC Contactor control board is a common cause for 230Vac short from MMTCON

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