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Westermo LYNX configuration replacement for REDFOX


This guide will walk you through switching from a REDFOX (SMA) version to the Westermo LYNX replacement version. 


  • Document the IP address for the router. 
    This information can be found on your SCADA drawings, or attached to the original router via site/epc labeling
  • Download the configuration file. 
    Attached to this page below is the default configuration file, it will need to be modified before it can be used.
  • Modify the configuration file. 
    After downloading the file, use a text editor to view it. Change the "iface vlan2 inet static" to the IP address you documented previously. Change the "route default" to the gateway of the onsite scada network.


Remove and replace the REDFOX router with the LYNX router. 

Your external communication cables attach to port 7, your internal communications attach to ports 1-6 and 8-10 (if applicable). 

The power cables attach to the top of the unit.

Once finished, power on the device


After powering on the LYNX plug your device's ethernet cable into any open port and then open your web browser. We prefer google chrome. 

DHCP is disabled by default on this device.

Configure your computer's static IP address LAN settings to be on the same subnet as the LYNX. Do not match the IP address exactly. 

The factory default setting for IP Address is:
IP Addresss:
Gateway: Disabled

Enter the IP address of the LYNX in your web browser.

Use the following login information to access the interface: 

Login: admin
Password: westermo
Alternate PW: SCS9522

Alternate PW:###westermo

Once you’re logged in on the website, go to 
Maintenance -> Backup & Restore-> Choose file 
and upload the attached configuration file then click restore. 

Reset your LAN settings on your device, then open a new web tab and enter (this is the webbox's IP address), you should see the webbox login website pop up to confirm it has been configured. 

    If you have any questions please reach out to us so we can walk you through the entire setup process.

[email protected]

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