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Error Code - (7602,7605) - Internal Communication Error


Error No.ExplanationCorrective measures
An internal communication error has occurred.
  • TypeStk Parameter
  • Canbus terminators (SC20Cont, CAIO, SCCOM)
  • Cables from stacks to boards
  • Canbus circuit failures

Internal Communication Error:

  1. The 7605 fault often occurs due to the TypeStk parameter being improperly set. Ensure that this is set appropriately for your inverter. 
    • A Semikron stack will have a driver board on the front of each cube while the SMA stacks do not have a visible driver board on the front.
Example Semikron stack - TypeStk set to "Semikron"
Example SMA stack - TypeStk set to "SMA"

2. Canbus terminations often fail and cause these faults. These can easily be exchanged between inverters to be tested.

CP-10 Canbus terminator location X70 on SC20ContAll CP-series inverters have a Canbus terminator at X71 on the CAIO boardA final Canbus terminator located on the SCCOM - X5

3. Check the stack connections. Be sure to check that all ribbon cables are connected and undamaged, and that all fiber optic cables are connected and undamaged.

Location of fiberoptic and ribbon cable in CP-US model inverter

4. Verify all canbus connections, check cables, and relieve any potential pinch-points. Canbus cables typically have a green cylindrical connector as seen in the photos above. 

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