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Error Code - 7600 - SC-COM / Webbox Communication Disruption


Error No.ExplanationCorrective measures
7600The communication between the touch display and the SC-COM is interrupted. The error number appears only on the display.• Check the connection between the touch display and the SC-COM.
• Contact the SMA Service Line.

Troubleshooting - Note* This solution is for the CPUS Model Inverter Scroll down for the 500HEUS Solution

Sunny Central CP500US / CP600US / CP700US / CP800US / CP900US

Connection from the SCCOM board to the display has been lost. The connections between the SCCOM have become damaged or loosened. If damaged they will need to be replaced. The display could be at fault or shorted out as well. 

1. Verify the ethernet cable is plugged in. Please re-plug the cable in. It is located on the back of the display.

2. Also Check the connections to the SCCOM Board and replug the connections.

3.  Connections may come loose during ambient temperature conditions; please check all cables and connections for any damage or loose connections. 

Sunny Central 500HEUS 

  1. Check the MMTCONT control board for lights/power. If there are no lights, or the board appears to be powered down, check the power supplies. If the board has power move to step #2. If the board has NO power then troubleshoot the AC grid, Auxilary transformer, MVT, or power supplies.
  2. Verify that all of the connections to the board are secure, especially X900 as that is the connection to the sunny webbox.
  3. Login to the sunny webbox and attempt to "detect" the inverter, see THIS article for detecting an inverter with the sunny webbox. You may need to register for our premium service for acess to this article if you aren't already a subscriber.
  4. Adjust the baud rate in the settings menu of the Webbox then attempt step #3, try 9600 and 1200 settings then revert to the 19200 setting.
  5. Try replacing the W900 from the MMTCONT board to the webbox interface terminal with a standard Ethernet cable and then attempt step #3 again.
  6. Replace or remake the wires after W900 that attach directly to the webbox's RS485 terminations at W915. Then attempt step #3 again
  7. Replace the MMTCONT board. For replacing the board please contact SMA after purchase or refer to the procedure provided by Solar Support if you wish to perform the labor yourself.

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