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Error Code - (7501,7502) - Internal Fan Error


Cabinet Fans:

Fans often fail intermittently and may appear to be operating when inspected. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help identify a problem.

  1. Power cycle the inverter and hold a piece of paper near the fans. As the inverter boots up, it will command the fans to run full speed momentarily.
  2. While the inverter is in stop and control power is on, disconnect a stack ribbon cable or jumper and the fans should run full speed for you to inspect.
  3. Using the SMA service/partner login, adjust parameters so that the inverter commands the fans to run full speed.
    1. Try setting “FanCabTmpSpnt” to 20 degrees C instead of 40. Save the setting and the cabinet fans should operate full speed.
    2. You could also use “FanCabTmpExlStr” and set that to a lower setting if the temperature is currently below 20 degrees C.
    3. Be sure to set parameters back to the way they were and save.

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