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SEMIKUBE IGBT Refurbishment: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

These are some basic items to look at, as the more extreme they are the higher the repair cost is likely to be:

  • What is the cleanliness character of the assembly? (Environmentally Dirty, Soot Covered, Clean)
  • Is the source of the contamination from the assembly, or an adjacent unit’s issues?
  • Can the general source location be identified? (Capacitor Section/IGBT Section)?
  • Is there heavy mechanical damage on driver, frame, busbars, heat sink?
  • Is there metallic/plasma splatter from an electrical event visible in the Capacitor or IGBT Sections?

With these basic visible points in mind, please reference the next three slides that represent Economic, Moderate and High Repair cost scenarios.  The Economic and High Repair cost scenarios are usually easy to identify.  The Moderate repair cases are the most difficult to visually classify, as they could be electrically damaged in a way that is not visually clear.  This is particularly true when it comes to Semikubes that are adjacent to one that has a significant event.

Pictures compiled in the following slides are not necessarily from the same Semikube, but exhibited for the purpose of explanation.

Affordable Repair Class Visual Characteristics

These are typically easy to Identify (mostly clean, damage localized and usually an adjacent Semikube to an event). See images below for better detail.

Moderate Repair Class Visual Characteristics

These are slightly harder to Identify by only a visual inspection (Contamination source could be adjacent kube or itself).

Expensive Repair Class Visual Characteristics

These are typically Easy to Identify (IGBT Section and Capacitor Sections both compromised)

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