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Sunny Central - Bad Power Supply Symptoms


When first arriving at a central inverter its important to check for signs of life. If the inverter has no lights, no sounds when its turned on, its possible that it has a bad power supply. This is one of the easiest repairs on central inverters and the fastest. The steps below will help you determine if its an issue with the AC voltage, or a bad component. 

  1. First check the AC voltages that supply control power to the inverters. Ensure that you have the proper voltages for that inverter model.
  2. Next find the DC power supply for that model of inverter.
  3. Check the power supply for good AC and DC voltage. 
  4. At this point you should be able to determine if the power supply is bad, or its missing AC voltage. 

If the inverter is missing AC voltage then you will need to ensure that the inverter is receiving good AC voltage. 

If there is AC voltage present, and no DC voltage out, the power supply will need to be replaced. 

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