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Service Data Collection (SMA)

Solar Support offers a complete data analysis package for legacy SMA Sunny Central inverters. First, use the procedure below to collect your data. Then use this link to submit a data analysis request to our team. 

This process is valid for the following SMA models. 

  • SC 1500 - 4600 (UP-US & Legacy Kodiaks)
  • SC CP500-900  US (All Models)
  • SC CP500-900  XT (All Models)
  • SC CP500-900 10 (All Models)
  • SC 500HEUS
  • SC 630HE11

When using the before submitting a Data Analysis request to Solar Support, please follow this process to successfully collect the data from the equipment.


  1. Plugin to the communication port of the inverter, or log in remotely
  2. Login with an installer level password, it's usually 1111
  3. Click the wrench icon in the top right
  4. Select "EXPORT"
  6. Select the most relevant dates that cover the fault
  7. Export and download the file.

SD Card Data pull from legacy inverters

  1. Turn off equipment, if reaching into the equipment (500HEUS-500U-250U) power off and LOTO equipment.
  2. For CPUS-CP models, turn off control power to the inverter. All lights should go off on the SC20CONT board
  3. Pull SD card out of the board
  4. Insert SD card into a card reader on your computer
  5. ZIP all files in the SD card. Be sure to ZIP it, not .rar
  6. If there is an AST board (CPUS) perform steps 4-5 for that SD card as well. 

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