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Fault - 3 - OV-G-V: Over Grid Voltage


  • Inverter detects grid voltage as too high


  • Test – DC switch OFF
  • Check AC at the inverter
  • If AC measures high, adjust upper limit with permission from utility
  •  Test – DC Switch ON, full power
  • Check AC at inverter test points
  • Compare with LCD
  • If AC measures high, cables between inverter and interconnect are too small
  • Check ampacity and voltage drop calculations

Troubleshooting - Overvoltage has been detected on Grid. The grid side has detected an over-voltage; this concurrence can be standard with an incorrectly set grid standard. Please reaffirm grid standard. Furthermore, check the inverter measurement device to see if it is within the standard tolerances. Checking the wire connections for under sizing is necessary, along with testing downstream transformers. 

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