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Error Code - 127 (v3.18xx) or 18x7F (v3.19xx)

CPU v3.18xx and below - Error Code - 127

CPU v3.19xx and above - Error Code - 18x7F

Error Message: IRCD Max

Solutions: RCD current surge.
Ground faults may occur due to insufficient insulation to the ground.

Only a qualified technician should handle this problem, and only after taking proper precautions.

  1. Tun the inverter ON/OFF switch to OFF.
  2. Wait five minutes for the input capacitors to discharge.
  3. Disconnect the AC breaker.
  4. Disconnect the DC inputs.
  5. Connect each DC string separately, turn the AC and the inverter ON/OFF switch to ON, until the error appears for the faulty string.
  • Do not connect strings with a grounding fault to the inverter. A certified installer must fix the faulty string before connecting it to the inverter.
  • For further documentation, contact SolarEdge Support.

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