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Fault - 6 - Ground Fault

Ground Fault - 6 - Ground fault on PV Side

Possible problem :

  • Positive/Negative Grounding Type ( Grounding - Type): PV side grounding or short-circuit fault
  • PCB-board Type (Isolation Type): The unbalance of measured PV voltage causing PV side grounding or short-circuit fault

Solution(s) : 

  • Grounding-Type: If circuit breaker or fuse of GFD is open, check the PV grounding or short circuit fault. After then, there is no problem, replace the fuse of GFD or invert the circuit breaker status (in case of FGFD board, F3 and F4 fuse is opened for safety. If MC21 is not operated, check the RY5)
  • Isolation Type: check the PV side
    grounding or short-circuit fault. (F1 and
    F2 fuse is opened for safety)

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